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Pentixapharm Completes Acquisition of Glycotope's Target Discovery Division

Thursday, July 04, 2024

Pentixapharm AG, a clinical-stage biotech company specializing in developing targeted radiopharmaceuticals for treating cancer, has acquired Glycotope GmbH's target discovery business effective July 1st.

This acquisition includes a portfolio of preclinical antibodies aimed at various oncology targets suitable for radiopharmaceutical development. It encompasses Glycotope’s laboratories, cell banks, tumor target database, equipment, patents, licenses, and other assets. Pentixapharm will also integrate Glycotope’s team of 40 executives, R&D specialists, and administrators.

Hakim Bouterfa, CEO of Pentixapharm AG, emphasized the strategic expansion of their Intellectual Property portfolio beyond the CXCR4 receptor, effectively doubling their development pipeline. This acquisition enhances Pentixapharm's capacity for conducting proof-of-concept studies using Glycotope’s candidates as next-generation radiopharmaceuticals, aiming to advance both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Andreas Eckert, Chairman of Pentixapharm and Eckert & Ziegler SE (EZAG), highlighted the transaction's role in bolstering Pentixapharm's management capabilities as it prepares for listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The acquisition also facilitates the consolidation of Pentixapharm’s Berlin activities into one location.

Post-listing, Pentixapharm’s management board will see changes, with Dirk Pleimes slated to succeed Hakim Bouterfa as CEO. Patrik Kehler, former CSO of Glycotope, will join as CSO of Pentixapharm, while Henner Kollenberg, Glycotope’s former CEO, will lead administrative and business development as Chief Business Officer.

Patrik Kehler, now CSO of Pentixapharm, highlighted Glycotope’s focus on developing tumor-specific GlycoTargets, which offer superior tumor specificity and reduced normal tissue binding compared to conventional antibodies. These GlycoTargets hold promise for addressing treatment gaps in solid tumors within the radiopharmaceutical field.

The Glycotope target discovery unit employs proprietary technology to develop monoclonal antibodies targeting tumor-associated carbohydrate structures or glycoepitopes. Over 200 GlycoTargets have been identified, many of which are licensed globally for clinical and preclinical development.



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